ZHC5002 Firmware

It is possible to update the firmware in ZHC5002 by means of "Over The Air" (OTA) device update. That means it is not required to connect these devices to a controller or a PC via cable. The firmware, in the device, can be updated directly over the Z-Wave wireless system. 

The firmware files that can be downloaded from here has file extension .OTA, in some controllers it is required that files must have file extension .HEX, in these cases, the file can just be renamed - the firmware file is a hexfile.



Firmware version 2.01 (Not Z-Wave Plus certified):

Firmware version 2.01 now supports security (S0) so that ZHC5002 is able to be included secure. 

Furthermore, it is possible to configure that Z-Wave commands sent to devices in each of the ZHC5002 associationgroups are sent non-secure in order to support non-secure devices (see configuration parameters 27 - 32).

NB. After doing an update of a ZHC5002 device to firmware version 2.x from a version 1.x, it is required to exclude the device and re-include it!