LHC5020 Z-Wave DIN-rail module

LHC5020 is a Z-Wave DIN-rail module with 10 digital ouputs and 4 digital inputs for mounting on standard M36 DIN rails (EN50022). The module is a general purpose Z-Wave I/O module that can be used for many different applications.

LHC5020 can be used as a Z-Wave interface to other home control systems and thereby making them able to be controlled from the Z-Wave network.

The outputs of LHC5020 are able to be connected directly to external relays (e.g. DIN-rail relay modules), as the outputs are internal equipped with freewheeling (flyback) diodes. Furthermore, are the outputs protected against overload, short circuit and overvoltage.

As an example; the outputs can be used to control the 24V actuators for under-floor heating systems, up to 10 actuators can be controlled, where the heating regulation algorithm must be performed by the Z-Wave Controller.

The LHC5020 inputs can individually be configured to different trigger functions; leading edge, trailing edge or level trigged.

LHC5020 is based on Z-Wave Plus 500 series platform (awaits Z-Wave Plus certification).

The firmware in LHC5020 can be updated through the Z-Wave network (over-the-air, OTA firmware updates).

LHC5020 can act as a Scene Controller by transmitting different Scene Notifications, when the inputs are activated, long-activated and double-activated.

LHC5020 will act as a Z-Wave network repeater to increase reliability of the network.

Technical data:

Dimension:  H 85 mm x W 105 mm x D 60 mm (M36 6 module) 
Power supply: 10 - 24Vdc
Screw terminals:

0.2 – 2.5 mm2
Outputs: 18 terminals, 10 x low-side switch, 8 x power supply output.
Inputs: 8 terminals, 4 x input, 4 x 0V.
Supply: 2 terminals, 1 x power, 1 x 0V.

Power consumption: 0,6W standby
Radio protocol: Z-Wave: EU 868.4MHz – 500 Series
Radio range: 40 m indoor / 80 m outdoor
Outputs: Digital low-side switch, max 60Vdc, 1A.
Inputs:  Digital potential-free, max 10Vdc, input impedance 10 KOhm
Z-Wave Plus Certification Number:  

Order information:

LHC5020 Z-Wave DIN-rail module with 10 digital outputs and 4 digital inputs.


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