ZHC5010 Z-Wave switch module for FUGA® installations



ZHC5010 is a new Z-Wave wall switch module with four buttons, four LEDs and contains one relay output for controlling a local load. The insert is designed to fit in to a standard LK FUGA® wall mount box (size one-module).

ZHC5010 is a wireless smart switch that lets you take remote control of connected Z-Wave devices in your home automation network, such as dimmers, switches or window blinds.
ZHC5010 can be delivered in three different colours, white, light grey and dark grey. The module is compatible with all LK FUGA® frame types and sizes.

The device can work in different modes and with different functionality, which can be selected by means of various configuration parameters.

  • Control of groups of other Z-Wave devices using 'ON', 'OFF' and 'DIM' commands.
  • Activation of scenes in Gateways or other Z-Wave devices (configurable scene numbers).
  • The LEDs can be controlled in a numbers of ways.

ZHC5010 contains a relay output that allows the module to control a local load. The relay is controllable by means of the modules different buttons or by other Z-Wave devices.
ZHC5010 can act as a Scene Controller by transmitting different Scene Notifications, when the buttons are pressed, long-pressed and double-pressed.
ZHC5010 will act as a Z-Wave network repeater to increase reliability of the network.

Technical data:

Dimension:  H 45 mm x B 47 mm x D 32 mm (FUGA 1 module) 
Power supply: 230V AC, 50Hz
Push-in connecter: 0.2 – 1.5 mm2
6 poles, 2 x looped line, 2 x looped neutral, 2 x looped output (line output switched by relay)
Power consumption: 0,6W / 0,3W standby
Radio protocol: Z-Wave 868.4MHz – 500 Series
Radio range: 40 m indoor / 80 m outdoor
Relay output: Max 1000 W resistive load, or up to 150 W inductive load
Z-Wave Plus Certification Number: ZC10-16055065

Order information:

ZHC5010-WH-4L: Module with white paddles, 4 LEDs
ZHC5010-WH: Module with white paddles, no LEDs
ZHC5010-LG-4L: Module with lightgray paddles, 4 LEDs
ZHC5010-LG: Module with lightgray paddles, no LEDs
ZHC5010-DG-4L: Module with darkgray paddles, 4 LEDs
ZHC5010-DG: Module with darkgray paddles, no LEDs


Product photos: