ZHC5002 Z-Wave coupler for GIRA






The ZHC5002 module, together with a GIRA pushbutton module, is a Z-Wave wall switch device that can both control other Z-Wave devices and activate scenes.

The Z-Wave insert is designed for interfacing a GIRA push button sensor module (GIRA push button sensor 2, type 2003 100), that contains two 10 pole connectors, to a Z-Wave network

Although it is controlling other devices, ZHC5002 cannot act as a network controller and therefore always need a Z-Wave network controller to add and remove devices, as well as maintaing associations.

The device can work in different modes and with different functionality, which can be selected by means of various configuration parameters.

  • Control of groups of other Z-Wave devices using 'ON', 'OFF' and 'DIM' commands.
  • Activation of scenes in Gateways or other Z-Wave devices (Central Scene).
  • The LEDs can be controlled in a numbers of ways.

ZHC5002 contains a relay output that allows the module to control a local load. The relay is controllable by means of the modules different buttons or by other Z-Wave devices.

ZHC5002 can act as a Scene Controller by transmitting different Scene Notifications, when the buttons are pressed, long-pressed and double-pressed.

The ZHC5002 insert is constructed to fit into standard EURO wall boxes (60 mm).


Product photos: